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FULL BODY HARNESS                      HINO

                                              KARAM offers TOWER HARNESSES                 Designed for the
        Is WORKING on a TOWER.....
                                                  PROFESSIONAL INVOLVED IN CLIMBING,
             the NEED of the HOUR
                                                            ROPE ACCESS & RESCUE.

        Ref. PN 57                                       Ref. PN 56
        PN  57  is  a  Tower  Harness  which  can  be  easily   PN 56 is a special Tower Harness in the KARAM Rhino Range.
        donned by simply pulling up the shoulder straps   Equipped with comfortable padding on shoulder, waist and the thigh
        and connecting them with the ventral chest strap   pads, PN 56 is a comfortable Harness and very versatile in its use. The
        using a Karabiner.                               Dorsal,  Ventral,  Sternal  and  Lateral  attachment  points  on  this
                                                         Harness allow it to be used for fall arrest by Dorsal attachment, fall
                                                         arrest by front attachment, work positioning, and for rope access.  It is
                                                         the most popular Harness used for the purpose of carrying out
                                                         Rescue of a fall victim, by descent.

                      Use Karabiner with Captive Pin (page 19). Use Extension Band for easy reach to Dorsal D-ring (page 20)

                                                             Attachment Point
            Ref. No.   Material   Standard  Application                                Weight   Adjustability
                                                    Dorsal   Sternal  Lateral  Ventral

                             EN 361:2002                                                       Fully adjustable
            PN 57   Polyester  EN 358:1999  FA+WP+RA                                  2000 gms  shoulder  & thigh
                             EN 813:2008                                                          straps.

                             EN 361:2002                                                       Fully adjustable
            PN 56   Polyester  EN 358:1999  FA+WP+RA                                  2440 gms  shoulder  & thigh
                             EN 813:2008                                                          straps.

       * FA = Fall Arrest; WP = Work Positioning; RA = Rope Access        Dorsal  Sternal  Lateral  Belt  Ventral
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