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                                                                              LIGHT WEIGHT

                                                                                SIT HARNESS

                                                                            For  SPORTS and

                                                                  KARAM offers Adventure Sit Harness - PN 51 the Light and
                                                                  Zippy  Harness  Specially  designed  keeping  in  mind  the
                                                                  needs of Mountaineers and Adventure Geeks.

                                                                  Adventure Sit Harness
                                                                  Ref. PN 51 (A)
                                                                  4  This  Harness  is    used  by  mountaineers,  tree-climbers  and
                                                                     loggers, for positioning and rope access.
                                                                  4  This  Harness  is  equipped  with  light  weight  Aluminum  D-
                                                                  4  Consists of  two lateral D-rings for Work positioning and Ventral
                                                                     D-ring for Rope access.
                                                                  4  Adjustable Thigh Straps & Waist Belt.
                                                                  4  With wide and semi-rigid waist belt for excellent support.
                                                                  4  The waist belt and the leg straps are provided with a soft padding
                                                                     that provide best possible comfort to the wearer.
                                                                  4  The rear attachment point on the waist belt allows connection of
                                                                     a restraint lanyard facilitating it to be used by personnel's for tree
                                                                     climbing, logging and for rope access.
                                                                  4  The two lateral attachment points equally distributes the weight
                                                                     around the waist belt for comfort when leaning back.
                                                                  4  For comfort, the ventral attachment distributes the weight evenly
                                                                     between the waist belt and the leg loops during suspension work.
                                                                  4   Conforms to EN 358:1999 & EN 813:2008.
                                       Call      Safety Expert
                                          for further advise
                                      Toll Free No.: 1800 103 7085  KARAM PN 51 (A) is a Sit Harness, and is not a Harness for
                                                                   fall protection.

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