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                                            KARAM Elasto Range constitutes special stretchable Harnesses designed for total
                                             wearer comfort. The Elastic Webbing used in these Harnesses provides for greater
                                             freedom of movement. It allows the wearer to twist and flex freely during long hours
                LASTO                         of work.
                                              The Metal Components in this range are made up of stainless steel for excellent
                                               corrosion protection.
                      + - 5%                   These Harnesses are an Ideal Choice for working on Transmission Towers.

                                                       so that you can
                                                       so that you can
                                                       TWIST AROUND FREELY
          KARAM   - Stainless Steel Metal Components
                                                                                 while working!!
        ADVANTAGE  - Elasticated Webbing                                        while working!!

            Ref. PN 74                                                Ref. PN 94
            This special stretchable Harness PN 74 moves              High  in  Strength  and  Ergonomics,  PN  94  is
            along with the body of the user while working             specifically designed for long hours of work
            at height.                                                during work positioning at height

                      Use Karabiner with Captive Pin (page 19). Use Extension Band for easy reach to Dorsal D-ring (page 20)

                                                           Attachment Point
          Ref. No.   Material   Standard Application                                 Weight    Adjustability
                                                  Dorsal   Sternal  Lateral  Ventral

                                                                                             Adjustable shoulder &
           PN 74   Polyester  EN 361:2002  FA                                       1300 gms
           PN 94   Polyester  EN 361:2002  FA+WP                                    1800 gms  Adjustable shoulder &
                            EN 358:1999                                                         thigh-straps

       * FA = Fall Arrest; WP = Work Positioning
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