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C                                                           EN 358      Belt for Work Positioning, Restraint

                                                                                & Work Positioning Lanyards

                                                                    EN 361
                                                                                Full Body Harnesses
                                                                    EN 813
                                                                    EN 362      Sit Harnesses
                                                                                Hooks & Connectors

                                                                    EN 354      Lanyards
           Systems Certification (ISO:9001:2008)
                                                                    EN 355      Energy Absorbers
          Under this certification all processes and systems are
          stringently monitored to deliver quality product at each
          stage of manufacturing and service.
                                                                    EN 795      Anchorage Devices
          Product Certification (CE)
          Nearly 100 products manufactured by KARAM are CE
          Our Certificates have been issued by Certifying Body      EN 353-2    Guided type Fall Arrester including
          SATRA-UK, in accordance with Article 10 of the PPE                    a Flexible Anchorage Line
          Directive 89/686/EEC. The Notified Body Number of
          SATRA is 0321.
                                                                    EN 353-1    Guided type Fall Arrester including
          Our on-going assessment body is SGS-UK which issues                   a Rigid Anchorage Line
          us our 11B certificate as per directive 89/686/EEC. The
          notified body number of SGS is 0120.
          All our products are marked '0120'.                       EN 360      Retractable type Fall  Arresters
          As  per  11  B  certificate  all  products  marked  CE  0120
          must  have  a  valid  E.C.  type  examination  certificate            Rescue Lifting Devices
          issued under Article 10.                                  EN 1496

                                                                    EN 341      Descender Devices for Rescue

                                                                    EN 1497     Rescue Harnesses

                                                                    EN 397      Safety Helmet (Sheltek)

                                                                    EN 166      Welding Shield & Spectacles

                                                                    EN 175F     Helmet Attachable Welding Shield

                                                                    EN 352-2    Ear Plugs

                                                                    EN 352-1    Ear Muffs

                                                                    EN 20345    Safety Shoes

                                                                    IS 2925     Safety Helmet (Shelmet)

                                                                    IS 3521     Full Body Harnesses (E-con Series)

                                                                    IS 15298    Safety Shoes
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