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       Conforming to IS 3521:1999
                                                                              E-CON SERIES
           E-Con                  TM                           of FULL BODY HARNESSES

            S   E   R   I  E   S                         equipped with all the essential
                                                           features to provide SAFETY
       KARAM offers a wide range of Fall Protection Harnesses
       conforming  to  ISI  standards,  which  comes  with  all  the
       features of Safety to fight the fatalities of such events.        for COMPLIANCE
       Manufactured from new advanced Polyester Webbing, and
       equipped with specially designed easy-to-use buckles for
       attachment, the KARAM Series of E-con Harnesses provide
       an easy solution to most fall hazard situations.

         Ref. PN 14                                               Ref. PN 16
         Full Body Harness, for Controlled Descent                Full  Body  Harness,  for  Basic  Fall  Arrest
         (Class D)                                                (Class A)
         Consisting of Dorsal & Sternal D-ring for fall arrest, this   Equipped with adjustable chest, shoulder & thigh straps,
         Harness  is best suited for Controlled Descent in Confined   PN 16 is the basic Harness for fall arrest.

                                                           Attachment Point
           Ref. No.  Material   Standard  Application                                 Weight    Adjustability
                                                   Dorsal  Sternal  Lateral  Ventral

           PN 14   Polyester  IS 3521:1999  FA                                        870 gms
                                                                                                 thigh straps
                                                                                               Adjustable chest
           PN 16   Polyester  IS 3521:1999  FA                                        820 gms     shoulder
                                                                                                & thigh straps

       FA - Fall Arrest / WP - Work Positioning                          Dorsal  Sternal  Lateral  Belt  Ventral
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