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                                                                          Care by                         even after a Fall !
                                                                       Avoid the effects of Suspension Trauma with

                           Ref. STS 01

            4 Extremely  effective;  specially  designed  to   The KARAM Suspension Intolerance Strap can be used by a victim of fall to
               help relieve the negative effects of Suspension   combat the ill effects of Suspension Trauma, while he waits for his rescue,
               Trauma.                                  suspended in his Harness.
            4 Compact  and  Light-weight.  Does  not  hamper   This Strap is provided placed inside 2 light weight zipped pouches, which can
               with the activity of the worker while at work.  be conveniently worn on the Thigh straps on both left & right sides of the
            4 Allows the suspended worker to stand up in   Harness with the help of textile loop and Velcro.
               his harness to relieve pressure.
                                                        In the event of a fall, the victim can easily zip-open the pouches and attach
            4 Easy to attach to the Harness with the help of   together the deployed webbing straps with the help of a convenient buckle.
               the textile loop and velcro provided.
            4 Easy deployment; operation is fool-proof.

            KARAM  provides  Harnesses  fitted  with  the
            Suspension Intolerance Straps on request.

                           Steps to USE the KARAM Suspension Intolerance Strap

                                                                  2 2
                                1 1                             Hold the 2 straps                  3 3
                             Un-zip the pouches                                                  Connect the straps
                                                                                                  with each other
                             fitted on both sides                  together                      making a loop with
                                                                                                 the help of easy -to-
                                of Harness
                                                                                                    use buckle.

                               4 4                             that the thigh straps            release pressure and
                                                                                                   6 6
                                                                  5 5
                              Put your feet into              Stand onto the loop, so            Adjust the sit strap
                                                                                                towards the front to
                                 the loop
                                                                 are free to move
                                                                                                give a seat-posture.

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