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            OO          S S                             Accidents are also known to occur when tools fall from the hand of a
                                                         worker  who  is  using  them  while  working  at  a  height.  KARAM
                    LANYARD                              introduces a new Tools Lanyard which can be connected to the
                                                          belt of the Harness at one end and has a loop at the other end to
                                                           hold a tool of weight of upto 10kg.

         KARAM Twin Tools Lanyard
         Ref. TL 02
         4 This lanyard comes as a bright coloured elasticated
            16mm tubular webbing, having a relaxed length of 85
            cm (so that the lanyard does not unnecessarily come
            in  the  way  while  working),  and  extended  length  of
            135cm (to allow maximum reach while using the tool).
         4 The Y-shaped lanyard allows the user to attach and
            carry 2 tools.
         4 The Lanyard can be easily attached to the Waist belt of
            the Harness with the help of a light-weight Karabiner.
         4 Convenient ‘Y’stretch-Lanyard for Tool Holding.
         4 Provided  with  a  light-weight  Karabiner  for
            attachment to the user’s belt.
         4 Can holds Tools up to 10kg.

                                                                           Call       Safety Expert
                                                                               for further advise
                                                                         Toll Free No.: 1800 103 7085
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