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                        Unit-I Producing Metal Hardware for Fall Protection - Lucknow (U.P.)

                                            Unit-II Producing Soft Goods for Fall Protection - Lucknow (U.P.)
             Since inception our motto
             is  to  make  this  planet  a
             safer place to work in.
             KARAM is a renowned name
             that  spells  &  pronounces  the
             Safety Story in a unique way. As a
             leading  supplier  to  many
             Industries,  KARAM  has  over  the
             years  earned  a  reputation  in  the
             World  of  Safety  of  Trust  and
             KARAM  specializes  in  the  field  of  Fall
             Protection, Head Protection, Safety Shoes,   Unit-III Producing Helmets, Shoes, Fall Protection, Eye Protection,
             Safety  Spectacles,  Hearing  Protection,       Ear Protection & Welding Protection - Sitarganj (Uttarakhand)
             Welding  Protection,  Respiratory  Protective
             Equipment and Rope-Access and Rescue.
              In Short, KARAM is a one stop shop for personal protective equipment, providing
               solutions for protection from Head to Toe.
                 We manufacture the highest quality equipment conforming to IS, DGMS, EN & ANSI
                  norms, leading the way with new innovative products and solutions with every passing
                     KARAM Manufacturing set-up is spread over a span of around 2,50,000 square feet area,
                      and is   the only one in the world with complete vertical integration, giving us strong
                        controls  over  quality  at  each  step  of  manufacturing.  All  our  systems  &  processes  are
                         assessed by SGS U.K. & registered to ISO 9001-2008.
                           Along with an extensive Distribution network, KARAM has its offices all over the country,
                            manned by Trained and Technical Sales Personnel to provide the finest support and
                             service required.
                               Collection 2015 by KARAM brings forward the commitment made in the last edition, with
                                newer additions of products in its ever expanding range, emerging today as a finest solution in
                                 the field of Industrial Safety.
                                   The journey at KARAM is never ending. There is a long way to go, many more dreams to
                                    accomplish and we believe in joining hands with our valued customers for a Safer World.
                                      Let's define Safety the KARAM way...
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