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                                                                       JA ZW                  JED I


       JAWZ  & JED-I JED-I Connectors..

       Revolutionizing Connections in FALL PROTECTION..

       A popular phrase in fall protection is- “Your system is as strong as the strength of its weakest link”.
       Hence it is extremely important to recognize the “weak link” in your system to ensure that it is strong enough to
       sustain the impact of a fall!

                           A close analysis of failure of connectors has
                            revealed that when a fall took place, the
                           Connector did not necessarily get impacted
                            only along its major load bearing axis as
                                       shown in figure.
                           Instead, the impact of force was also felt   Crack on the
                                                                       Gate as a result
                          along the side of its Gate, or along the face
                                                                       of the impact
                                          of its Gate!
                                                                                  Impact of
                                                                                force on to the
                           This has lead to breaking of the connector            Gate forcing            FALL
                                 from its gate when impacted                     the gate to
          Major load          with such a force resulting in a fall.            open / break.
         bearing axis

                                            Existing Norms like ISI & EN only test the connector along its major
                                            load bearing axis for its static strength, the strength along the other
                                            planes have been overlooked.
                                            But KARAM understands that falls take place not entirely adhering to
                                            laboratory conditions.

                                             KARAM  has  therefore  ventured  to  think  beyond  just  the
                                             requirement of the Norms, and instead worked towards solving
                                             the problem so as to ensure complete safety of a worker working
            JED-I HOOK        JAWZ HOOK
                                             at heights.
            (Ref. PN 145)    (Ref. PN 140)

                                                                     KARAM's JAWZ and JED-I Connectors
                                                                     have been specially designed to take up
                                                                    additional load of minimum 16 kN along
                                                                     the Gate side and Gate front, ensuring
           KARAM  Jawz  &  Jed-I                                    that the two connectors are strong enough
           Connectors  do  not                                       from all sides, and not just along their its
           break  because  they                                              major load bearing axis
           have  enhanced  Gate
                                                                    These connectors pass the latest ANSI Z
                                    Impact of
                                  force on to the           FALL         359.12-2009 and EN 362:2004
                                       Gate                              standards, and hence offer the
                                                                          maximum safety to the user.
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