Page 57 - domestic catalogue 2018
P. 57

A      Lanyard is described as a connecting element of
                                                                      a system.

                                                               The Fall Arrest Lanyards incorporate a shock absorbing
                                                               element which is capable of limiting the force felt on the
                                                               body of the worker to less than 6 kN.

                                                               Depending Upon the specific usage,  Lanyards are classified
                                                               as follows:

                                                               4 Work Positioning Lanyards-used for work positioning
                                                               4 Restraint Lanyards-used for Restraint
                                                               4 Fall  Arrest  Lanyards-come  incorporated  with  an
                                                                  energy absorber to reduce the impact of fall, and hence
                                                                  are used for fall arrest.
                                                               4 Forked  Lanyard-KARAM  also  provides  a  range  of
                                                                  forked lanyards that can be used to move up or down, or
                                                                  along the sides while remaining connected at all times.
                                                               KARAM  offers  an  exhaustive  range  of  lanyards  made  of
                                                               twisted rope, kernmantle rope or webbing, and different
                                                               Connector combinations, as per the need of the user.

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