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        KARAM offers a range of Work Positioning Lanyards which can be used by the worker to

        position himself at a height in a safe and supported manner, and work with both hands free.

            KARAM Work Positioning lanyards can be
            easily  adjusted  for  length,  using  various
            adjustment  devices  that  come  with  the
            It  is  important  to  note  that  a  Work
            Positioning system is not fall protection
            equipment. It is hence mandatory to use
            specific Fall Arrest Lanyards and other such
            equipment  along  with  Work  Positioning
            Systems to ensure safety of the worker  at a

            The Work Positioning Lanyard is used by
            connecting the two ends of the lanyard to
            the  two  lateral  D-rings  on  the  Full  Body
            Harness of the user. The length can be easily
            adjusted to suit the application.

                                                                                      Protective Sleeve (PR 02)
                                                KARAM Work
                                             Positioning Lanyards                     KARAM offers the choice of
                                              have a Minimum                          u s i n g   a n   A b r a s i o n -
                                             Breaking Strength of                     Resistant Protective Sleeve
                                            15 kN, and are certified                  over the Work Positioning
                                             as per EN 358:1999.                      Rope Lanyards. This Sleeve
                                                                 of length 30cm is provided incorporated onto the rope
                                                                 lanyard. This Sleeve works to prevent any abrasion of
                                                                 the rope when the lanyard is used around a structure
                                                                 in the event of work – positioning.
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