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                                                              Restraint Lanyards are a part of the Restraint System needed
                                                            at height.
                                                         These lanyards prevent the user from reaching the edge and
                                                       hence prevent a potential fall from occurring.
                                                     Since there is no fall that occurs in a “Fall Restraint System” the Restraint
                                                      Lanyards do not have any shock absorption element incorporated in
                                                           It  is  therefore  mandatory  to  ensure  that  Fall  Restraint
                                                             Lanyards are never used for the purpose of fall arrest.

              KARAM  Fall  Restraint  Lanyards  come  in
              various options of connecting element :                  KARAM Restraint Lanyards are available in
                                                                      different lengths- 1.0m, 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.0m
              Ü Twisted Rope Lanyards
                                                                       KARAM offers all the Lanyards in different
              Ü Kernmantle Rope Lanyards                             configurations of connectors, as per the need of
              Ü Webbing Lanyards                                                      the user.
              Ü Expandable Lanyards

              Refer to the table given below to understand the various features of  the different lanyards :-

                 Type of    Prevents Undue Prevents Grime Light in With Anti-Aging  Easy to  Minimizes  Prevents
                Lanyards       Twisting       and Dust    Weight   Tracer Yarn   Clean  Trip Hazards Water Absorption
               Twisted Rope

             Kernmantle Rope

            Webbing Lanyards
            Webbing Lanyards
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