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                                              KARAM provides you with an option to customize your Restraint Lanyards as per your
         Now DESIGN Your                      own job specific needs.
                                            ® Variety  of  Hooks  and  Connectors  are  available  for  connection  on  both  anchorage  and
         LANYARD in                           termination ends.
                                            ® All lanyards with different combination of connectors mentioned below are individually
         your own STYLE &                     certified as per EN 354:2010 and have a minimum breaking strength of 22 kN.
                                            ®  Resistant twisted, Kernmantle, and Webbing rope lanyards are available in lengths- 1.0m,
         REQUIREMENT!                         1.5m, 1.8m & 2.0m. The Expanded length of the Resistant Expandable Lanyard should not
                                              exceed 2.0m.

                                                                                    Anchorage End

              YOUR                                  Jaw s Ho ok PN 140
                                                                    Jed-I Hook PN 145
       CONNECTOR               P  1   N  1                          2  P N  1 2 1                                                                                                                    PN 136                     PN 131

                Always  remember  the
                length  of  your  lanyard
                                                Twisted Rope Lanyard         Expandable Lanyard  CONNECTING
                should not exceed 2.0 m.                  Kernmantle Rope Lanyard  Webbing Lanyard (44mm)  CHOSE  YOUR

            Now Conforming to
            Now Conforming to
             Latest Standard
             Latest Standard
             EN 354:2010
             EN 354:2010

                                                 PN 112                     PN 121
                                                           Jed-I Hook PN 145
                                                                                           CHOSE  YOUR

             Harness End
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