Page 77 - domestic catalogue 2018
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ARAM knows that finding a way to tie off is not
                                                                          always  easy.  KARAM  offers  a  range  of
                                                                   KAnchorage  devices  which  can  be  easily
                                                                   installed over a variety of structures to provide a safe
                                                                   anchorage  points  for  working  at  height  where
                                                                   KARAM  Anchorage  devices  and  connectors  are
                                                                   thoroughly tested and engineered to adapt to nearly
                                                                   every  anchorage  need  where  connection  of  a  fall
                                                                   arrest system to a 15kN anchor point is necessary.
                                                                   Whether you choose to tie off to your anchor point or
                                                                   an I-beam clamp, KARAM has the variety to get the job
                                                                   KARAM offers a wide range of Anchorage Solutions in
                                                                   Webbing, Steel rope and Metal.
                                                                   All these Anchorages Comply to the Latest European
                                                                   Standard EN 795:2012.
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