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        KARAM Rope Grab PN 2000

                                                        KARAM  Rope  Grab  PN  2000  is  a
                                                        detachable Rope Grab Device, made up
                                                        of high strength  steel.
                                                        It  moves  freely  along  the  polyamide
                                                        twisted rope anchorage line (14mm to
                                                        16mm dia), attached at its eye with the
                                                        user, while he moves up and down.
                                                        The rope grab immediately ‘grabs’ on
                                                        to the line in the event of a fall, thereby
                                                        arresting the fall.
                                                        Conforms to EN 353-2:2002

                                                        Ref. PN 2000 A
                                                        4 Fall Arrester with Karabiner
                                                        4 Steel Karabiner PN 112 as an attachment element.

                                                    Ref. PN 2000 B                 Ref. PN 2000 C
                                                    4 Fall Arrester with Energy Absorber  4 Fall Arrester with Spacing Strap
                                                    4 Energy Absorber PN 300 and Steel   4 Spacing Strap and hook PN 121 as
                                                      Karabiner PN 112 as an attachment   an attachment element.


                                             Allows the user to go up but not slide down accidently.
                                                    Keeps in stationary position when locked.

         KARAM  Rope  Grab  is  provided
         with  a  unique  Gravity  Locking                                                       Only KARAM
         system that prevents incorrect                                 Locked position          Fall Arrester
                                                                                                 comes with the
         usage. It is also equipped with a       Locking               allows Manual            unique Anti-
         double  security  opening                                     Locking                  Gravity Locking
         system,  and  hence  will  not                                                        System.
         open  unless  a  deliberate
         action taken.
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