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              Detachable Aluminium Fall Arrester on Kernmantle Rope Anchorage
              Ref. PN 2006
              This Rope grab is Openable, and is constructed of high strength Aluminium
              Alloy, which is extremely light in weight, and is highly corrosion resistant.
              4 Works  on  11mm  dia  kernmantle  rope  anchorage  line,  without  any  manual
              4 Has  a  manual  lock  position  to  allow  work  on  inclined  roof,  and  also  restraint
                                                                                        Call       Safety Expert
              4 The Anchorage line is provided in lengths of 5mtrs to 100mtrs. Has one side loops
                and one stops knot at other side.                                           for further advise
              4 Abrasion resistant thimble to protect the loops from being damaged by metallic   Toll Free No.: 1800 103 7085
              4 The  termination  is  cross-stitched,  and  is  protected  with  a  strong  transparent
                covering sleeve which not only protects the end but also makes the stitches visible
                for easy inspection prior to use.
              4 Coloured tracer strand which loses its colour in due course of time, to show that the
                rope is now unfit for further use
              4 Conforms to EN 353-2:2002.

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