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                                               WITH QUICK-CONNECT BUCKLES

             GIVING YOU                                                   Meets applicable ANSI, OSHA & CSA standards
                                                                                 ANSI Z 359.11-2014 & CSA 259.10-12

                                  Web Keeper          Quick-Connect Buckles   Lanyard Keepers   Stitching Pattern
                                 Specially designed to retain the   Extremely easy to use with single-  Extremely easy to use with single-  Unique  aesthetic  stitch
                                 excess strap while adjustment.  hand  adjustment.  Made  from   hand adjustment. Made from top-  pattern  for  enhanced
                                                      top-grade  corrosion-resistant   grade  Polymer  that  provides  a   stitching strength with smart
                                                      steel,  these  Buckles  provide  a   comfortable and snug fit.   styling
                                                      comfortable and snug fit.

                                  Ventral D-ring      Thigh straps         I D Plate            Shoulder Straps
                                 Provided  to  be  used  for  rope   The  distinctively  placed  fully   Dorsal  Webbing  Holding  Cross   Fully  padded  Shoulder
                                 access, rescue and many other   padded  straps  with  Quick-  Plate maintains the D-ring in place   straps  with  comfortable
                                 applications making the harness   Connect  Buckles  for  easy   even after a fall.  knitted mesh pads for better
                                 multi purpose.       adjustment. The knitted mesh net          shock  absorption  and  air
                                                      used  in  the  pads  gives  better        circulation.
                                                      shock  absorption  and  maintains
                                                      proper air circulation.

         LABEL COVER:
                                 Bent Lateral D-ring   Spring Buckles      Front Attachment     Elasticated Sit straps
         Specially  designed  Label   With  knitted  mesh  pads  and   Spring Buckles makes the adjus-  Very  ergonomically  placed   Elasticated straps maintains
                                 specially bent Lateral D Rings for   tment very easy.  Sternal  D  Ring,  to  be  used  as   the  tension  and  provides
         Cover  to  secure  all  product   extra comfort while working, belt   front    attachment  point  for  fall   Snug fit.
         labels secured under it.   is provided with a bigger handle       protec-tion when using a guided
                                 at  the  back  for  attaching  extra      type fall arrester while climbing or
                                 karabiners or accessories.                entering a confined space.

                                         Ref. PNT 11

                                         PENTAGUARD FULL BODY HARNESS
                                         (with Quick-Connect Buckles)                           FALL INDICATOR
                                        4  Made up of high tenacity polyester
                                        4 1 Back D-ring for Fall Arrest
                                        4 5 point adjustability
                                        4 Shoulder straps with Spring Buckles for adjustment
                                        4 Lanyard keepers on Shoulder straps for placement of free
                                        4 Quick-Connect Buckle  on Chest & Leg strap
                                        4 Breaking strength - greater than 5000 lbs
                                        4 Meets applicable ANSI, OSHA & CSA standards
                                        4 Equipped with fall Indicator on shoulder strap
                                                                                D-Ring                Breaking
                                          Ref. No.  Meets or Exceeds
                                                                  Fall Arrest  Climbing  Positioning  Rope Access  Strength
                                                   Meets applicable
           with Quick-Connect Buckles     PNT 11   ANSI, OSHA & CSA                                   >5000 lbs
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