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         ANCHOR SLING                      ANCHORAGES



        Ref. PN 802 A

                                                           Ref. PN 802 A
                                                           DOOR ANCHOR (ANSI)
                        KARAM Advantage                    KARAM Door Anchor provides a non–intrusive anchor point and
                                                           can be easily installed inside the interior of a building or window
                                                           opening enabling the most difficult jobs to get done safely and with
         KARAM  Door  Anchor  is  unique  because  it  is   confidence.
         provided with eye bolt, enabling Safe and Secure
         anchorage.                                        KARAM  Door  Anchor  can  be  installed  by  just  compressing  it
                                                           against the door or window frame, jamming itself between the two
                                                           vertical sides.
                                                           It  is  constructed  of  Aluminum  alloy,  hence  is  highly  corrosion
                                                           resistant and is light in weight, weighing less than 10.7 lbs
                                                           The  Arms  of  the  KARAM  Door  Anchor  are  adjustable,  enabling
                                                           installation on door/window frames of width from 23.62" to 49.21"
                                                           Fast and easy Installation with built in adjustment knob hence no
                                                           tools or drilling is required.
                                                           Extremely portable design for easy transport, storage and usage.
                                                           4  Minimum Breaking Strength : 5000 lbs / 23kN
                                                           4 Every Door Anchor is provided with Door Anchor Bag Ref. BG 34
                                                           4 Conforms to ANSI Z 359.1-2007

         Door Anchor Bag
         Ref. BG 34

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