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                                                          ANSI ASC A14.3-2008

                                                         Vertical Anchorage Line System on

                                                         Rigid Cable Line

                                                         System Ref:
                                                         VERTEX PN 7000A

                                                         System Specifications :
                                                        Conforming to the Norm ANSI ASC A14.3-2008 this vertical Fall Arrest
                                                        system is an integrated solution to arrest the fall of a user who has to
                                                        constantly climb up & down a ladder.

                                                         The Unique Feature of this system is a permanent installed Stainless Steel Shock
                                                         Absorber at the top of the line which offers distinct advantage over the textile
                                                         absorber used in other lines in term of UV degradation and resistance to harsh
                                                          climate Conditions. Also the Shock Absorber is constructed of unique design that
                                                         helps in easy installation of the system.
                                                        The Vertical Anchorage Line is made of Stainless Steel wire rope & is
                                                        maintained in the rigid position by the use of 2 mounting brackets-one at
                                                        the top & one at the bottom.
                                                        The Stainless-steel Rope Grab is directly connected to the user without
                                                        any additional lanyard.
                                                        To maintain the rigidity & high tension in the anchorage line, a screw type
                                                        mechanical tensioner is provided at the end of the anchorage line at the
                                                        bottom, connecting it to the lower mounting bracket. The Tensioner is
                                                        provided with a unique tension indicator which helps ensure appropriate
                                                        tension is attained, and maintained in the line.
                                                        The system also has an Inspection Name Plate which is installed on the
                                                        first rung of the ladder for identification, traceability and maintenance of
                                                        inspection records.

                                                                      Extremity Plates for
                                                                      Two Ladder Rungs

                                                                      Extremity plate used to install a vertical
                                                                      anchor  line  made  of  SS  wire  Rope
                                                                      installed  on  a  ladder  with  U-bolts  &
                                                                      nylock  nuts.  Fixing  on  two  rungs
                                                                      provides better structural strength to
                                                                      the system.

                                                           PN 7000(13)                          PN 7000(13)(EC)

                                                                  Ref.    Material  Finish  Breaking  Weight
                                                               PN 7000(13)  Stainless  Polished  23kN/  2.44 lbs
                                                                           steel         5000 lbs  ± 0.01 lbs

                                                             PN 7000(13)(EC)  Alloy  Hot dip  23kN/  2.42 lbs
                                                                           steel  Galvanized 5000 lbs ± 0.01 lbs

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