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Ref. STS 01 (N)

                                                                      SUSPENSION INTOLERANCE STRAP
                                                                      Care by KARAM even after a Fall !
                                                                      Avoid the effects of Suspension Trauma with the use of KARAM
                                                                      Suspension Intolerance straps.
                                                                      4 Extremely  effective;  specially  designed  to  help
                                                                        relieve the negative effects of Suspension Trauma.
                                                                      4 Compact and Light-weight. Does not hamper with
                                                                        the activity of the worker while at work.
                                                                      4 Allows  the  suspended  worker  to  stand  up  in  his
                                                                        harness to relieve pressure.
                                                                      4 Easy to attach to the Harness with the help of the
                                                                        textile loop and velcro provided.
                                                                      4 Easy deployment; operation is fool-proof.
                                                                      4 KARAM  provides  Harnesses  fitted  with  the
                                                                        Suspension Intolerance straps on request.

                                                                      Ref. BP 01

                                                                      REMOVABLE BACK PAD
                                                                      4 Foam with knitted mesh pad.
                                                                      4 Designed  to  provide  better  comfort  on  Classic
                                                                      4 Can be easily fitted on all kinds of Harnesses with
                                                                        1.77" webbing.

                                                                      Ref. EL 01
                                                                      EXTENSION LANYARD

                                                                      4 Made of  1.18" wide polyester webbing
                                                                      4 Provided with PN146 & DR 016 for making connection.
                                                                      4  Ideal for extending dorsal D-Ring for easy connection.
                                                                      4 Length :- 18 inches

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