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                           Fall Protection Equipmentall Protection Equipment
          Over the years KARAM has widened the scope of fall protection to suit
          workers  of  most  industries  including  Telecommunications,  Oil  &  Gas
          Industry,  Engineering  Industry,  Power  Transmission  Plants  and
          Construction Industry.
          Constant innovation and prime focus on Research and Design has
          enabled KARAM to provide Fall protection solutions to  personnel
          working in some of the most hazardous industrial conditions.
          Operations  at  KARAM  are  under  constant  vigilance  to
          provide the finest Quality of Product and Service.
                                                             Product Design & Development

                                                                               CNC Tool Making
           CNC Turning

                 Retractable Block Assembly Line                                 Block Molding

                      Automatic Electro Galvanizing                                    Steel Wire Rope Plant

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