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Conforming to
         SELF RETRACTABLE LIFELINES                           ANSI Z 359.14-2014

                                - Sealed Self Retracting Lifeline

        KARAM introduces Armor range of SRL's specially meant for the  toughest & harsh environments. The heavy duty sealed design,
        corrosion resistant material used in the SRL keeps the critical working components free of dirt, grease, water & chemicals.
        Best suited for OIL & GAS Industries & offshore.

                 SRL WITH                      NEW     Ref. SLBL 30ft

                                                             8"                  Pivoting Anchorage Loop
                                                                                 Allows  the  SRL  to  move  slightly  to
                                                                                 minimize friction on the cable if the SRL
                                                                                 is not well aligned

                                                                                 Side Handle with Special Grip
        Sealed Design                                                            Consists of side handle with special grip
        (meets IP68 level of IEC 60529)                                          for easy carrying & Safe transportation
        All critical parts of the SRL are sealed
        from contamination thereby increasing
        its reliability in harsh conditions.

            Stainless Steel Cover
            For maximum durability in harsh                                                    8.2"

                       3/16" Diameter Retractable Stainless
                       Steel Wire Rope of length 30ft
                       Provides increased strength
                Snout for minimizing the accidental Locking
                Consists  of  Snout  which  minimizes  the
                accidental locking of the SRL when the wire
                rope is released suddenly

                                                                   Impact Indicator in Hook
        Quick Line lifeline assembly                               Allows easy visual inspection to determine if the unit has
                                                                   experienced a fall by user.
        The only non-sealed portion of the block can easily be
        changed on site by a competent person. The wire rope
        can be changed quickly & easily with minimum tools.
                                                                   3600 lbs Gate of Hook PN 144
                                                                   For ensuring the safest connection even in
                                                                   harsh environments.
        Conforms to : ANSI Z 359.14-2014 Class B
        & IP68 level of IEC 60529
                                                                        SLBL 30ft     16.22 lbs

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