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Conforming to
         SELF RETRACTABLE LIFELINES                           ANSI Z 359.14-2014

        Elektron as a Lanyard

        KARAM offers two unique & separate Dorsal D-ring attachments to use Elektron SRL as both single & Y-Shaped Lanyards.

                            Ref. PN 169

                            Ref. PN 170

        Ÿ Elektron can be used as a single or Y-Shaped Lanyard  as per requirement
        Ÿ No additional connector is required
        Ÿ Reduces the length of the swing during the fall thereby preventing the Elektron from hitting the head of the user
        Ÿ Can be attached to any of the Harnesses
        Ÿ Is installed on the webbing of the Harness, hence the Dorsal D-ring is free for attaching other equipment or rescue
        Ÿ Snug fit design
        Ÿ Provides 100% tie off Configuration
        Ÿ Provides Mobility when moving from one location to  another

        How to use Elektron as a Single or Twin Lanyard with Single or Twin Leg Connector

          Single Leg Connector (Ref. PN170)              Twin Leg Connector (Ref. PN169)

                      Open connector by pushing the two
                                                                     Remove the plastic insert from the Karabiner
                      locking buttons & slide the pin out

                      Slide  connector  through  loosened            Insert the Karabiner through anchorage eye
                      web straps placed below the Dorsal             of Elektron and rotate to the other  side
                      D-ring, then pull straps tight

                      Push the pin inside the grooves of             Slide  the  Karabiner  behind  loosened  web
                      the connector to ensure locking                straps below the dorsal D-ring

                                                                     Put the Plastic inserter back into the karabiner
                                                                     & pass the second Elektron into the Karabiner
                                                                     through the anchorage eye

                                                                     Lock the karabiner. Place the plastic inserter on
                                                                     the nut of the Karabiner between the two SRL's
                                                                     Rotate the plastic insert upwards to ensure that
                                                                     the web straps pass through the slot on the
                                                                     insert & lock the plastic insert on the Karabiner

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