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Conforming to
          SELF RETRACTABLE LIFELINES                         ANSI Z 359.14-2014

          KARAM Self Retractable Lifeline with Polymer Casing

          A : Galvanized Steel with Wire Rope

          Ÿ KARAM offers an exhaustive range of Self Retractable Lifeline with Galvanized Steel Wire Rope Lanyard.
          Ÿ Casing is made of High Impact Strength Polymer to prevent breakage and is nearly indestructible.
          Ÿ These SRL have a swivel anchorage eye and hook PN 144 with impact indicator at the attachment end.
          Ÿ Minimum breaking strength of these SRL is 3000 lbs.
          Ÿ Conforms to ANSI Z 359.14-2014 Class B.
          Ÿ These SRL are also available with Stainless Steel Wire Rope Lanyard instead of Galvanized Wire Rope.

          B : KARAM Self Retractable Lifeline with Polymer Casing  and 1" width Webbing Lanyard
          These Self Retractable Lifeline  are lighter in weight and are ideal choice in conditions where it is required that the lanyard
          offers less abrasion to objects around it. Such conditions are encountered for use in fall protection on external fascades,
          window access, etc. The SRL allows movement to the user at normal speeds, within a recommended working area. In case of
          a fall, the self Braking system within the SRL activates and locks the fall, also reducing the impact of fall to less than 1800 lbs.

             Leading Edge tested KARAM Self Retractable

             KARAM  Introduces  an  exclusive  LE  range  of  Self  Retractable  Lifelines
             particularly meant for providing Leading Edge Protection to the user when
             WORKING HORIZONTALLY near Sharp Edges specially on Terraces, Roof
             Tops etc. Each SRL of KARAM LE range is constructed in such a way that if
             subjected  to  contact  with  a  sharp  edge  in  the  event  of  a  fall  from  a
             roof/terrace etc, the retracted lanyard remains intact, while arresting the fall
             immediately. These SRL's are equipped with an external Shock Pack (with
             protective cover) which reduces the dynamic load impact felt on the user in
             the event of a fall, to less than 1800 lbs even when the lifeline is fully drawn.
             Dia of Leading Edge wire rope 7/32"
             Conforms to ANSI Z 359.14-2014 SRL-LE

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