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Conforming to
          SELF RETRACTABLE LIFELINES                         ANSI Z 359.14-2014

         KARAM Self Retractable Lifeline with Retrieval System

          KARAM offers a unique range of Self Retractable Lifeline to enable easy retrieval of a victim of fall. These SRL allow the fall to
          arrest and also allow easy Retrieval of the victim with the help of their inbuilt Winch mechanism when mounted on a Megapod.
          Features of KARAM Self Retractable Lifeline  -
          Ÿ KARAM Self Retractable Lifeline with Retrieval System comes with Life Line made of Galvanized Steel Wire Rope. This Life
            Line is constructed of 3/16" dia Steel Wire Rope.
          Ÿ The locking pin on the side of the casing at the base of the handle allows this dual system to work in independent Fall
            Arrest & Winch modes.
          Ÿ Can be easily mounted on the leg of KARAM Megapod using specialized brackets.
          Ÿ Conforms to ANSI Z 359.14-2014 SRL-R
          Unique Features -
          Ÿ Retractable mode- Enables easy movement of user in Confined Space. Also provides Fall Protection
          Ÿ Winch mode- Enables easy retrieval of the Victim post Fall Arrest
          Ÿ Comes with PN 144 Snap Hook with Impact Indicator

          It is easy to shift to Winch mode from Block mode (& vice versa) following the given steps

                                                     STEPS TO CHANGE MODES

                               Pull                                                  Push
                               Out                                                     In

                                 Pull the Pin & Push the Handle                            Pull The Pin & Handle
                 SRL Mode                                            Winch Mode
                                   to Reverse in Block Mode                                to Shift to Winch Mode
          These SRL are manufactured
          by  KARAM  and  conform  to
          ANSI  Z  359.14-2014  SRL-R,
          and fitted with an integrated
          rescue  handle  to  enable
          rescue of a casualty after the
          fall has been arrested.
          Retrieval SRL are often fitted
          to confined space Megapod
          systems,  though  are  also
          often used as a stand alone
          fall arrest & rescue system.
          Having  the  winch  built  in
          to  the  Retractable  SRL,
          indicates  that  the  user
          already  has  a  Rescue  plan,
          which  is  the  requirement  of
          the  Fall  Protection  directive
          for work at height.

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