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Conforming to
         MEGAPOD                                              ANSI Z 359.1-2007

        When it comes to confined space entry / rescue,  it is essential that the equipment operates perfectly and quickly.  Keeping
        this in mind KARAM introduces Megapod, a convenient product that provides a stable overhead anchorage point.
        The Megapod comes with more widened and fully adjustable Aluminium Telescopic legs for use in particularly challenging
        area of Work eg. Manholes,  tanks etc.

          With Larger Extra Foot Prints                                                           NEW
          Heavy duty
          High Strength

                                                                                 The  Double  pulley  system  is
                                                                                 permanently  incorporated  in  the
                                                                                 cast  aluminum  head  of  the
               Has 2 auxiliary eye bolts for                                     Megapod, & provides independent
                easy over head achorage                                          passing over of cable from a winch
                                                                                 and a retrieval block.

                      Ø 6.56 ft.

                                                                                          Heights available in
                                                                                          7ft. Ref. SA 17 (7ft.)
                                                                                           & 10ft. Ref. SA 17 (10ft.)

                                               Megapod Ref. SA 17 (7ft.)

                                                                 Now easily move your Megapod
                                   NEW                             from one place to  another
                                                            with KARAM Megapod having the Wheels
                                                                 with locking feature for stability
                                                          permanently installed on the Megapod Shoes

                                                           Ref. SA 17(W) 7ft., SA 17(W) 10ft.

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