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Conforming to
          Megapod                                            ANSI Z 359.1-2007

          Ÿ The Megapod is equipped with high quality, rugged   The Double pulley system is permanently incorporated in
             systems that will ensure top performance when it is   the  cast  aluminum  head  of  the  Megapod,  &  provides
             needed the most.                                   independent passing over of cable from a winch and a
          Ÿ KARAM Megapod is made from Aluminium hence is       retrieval block.
             extremely lightweight and portable,  easily set-up by
             just one worker and can be transported from one work   Ÿ Can  be  used  with  all  the  Winches  namely
             area to another.                                    PN  801,  PN  817,  PN  818,  PN  818(SR),  PN  818(C)  &
          Ÿ Ideal for confined space entry and emergency rescue   Retrieval SRL'S PCGS 30ft R,  PCGS 60ft R & PCGS 100ft
             applications.  Can  be  used  easily  with  all  KARAM   R with the help of their universal mounting brackets for
             Winches and fall arrest devices eg.  Blocks.        winches & SRL'S respectively.
          Ÿ Inner & Outer Adjustment can be achieved by Sliding   Ÿ This Megapod is provided with Megapod bag Ref. BG 62.
             Telescope Legs.

             Ref. No    Min. & Max. Distance between the Legs
            SA 17 (7ft.)         2.8ft. & 4.03ft.

           SA 17 (10ft.)         3.14  & 5.64ft.ft.

                                    Adjustable      Wheelbase                    Maximum
           Ref. No.       Length                                  Weight(lbs)                      Compliance
                                      Height       Footprint (Ø)ft.          Load Capacity (Lbs)

            SA 17          7 ft.    4.3  to 7ft.  ft.  4ft. to 6.56ft.  42.00lbs  1100lbs
            SA 17 (10ft.)  10 ft.  7.28  to 10.30ft.  ft.  5.6  to 8.1ft.  ft.  52.53lbs  1100lbs
                                                                                                ANSI Z 359.1-2007
            SA 17(W)       7 ft.   4.33  to ft.  7ft.  4  to 6.56ft.t.  42.63lbs  1100lbs
            SA 17(W)(10ft.)  10 ft.  7.28  to 10.30ft.  ft.  5.6  to 8.1ft.  ft.  53.19lbs  1100lbs

                     Mounting Brackets for Magepod : Ref. SA 17               Other significant features of KARAM Megapod

           Mounting Bracket  Picture    Bracket used for Mounting             Ÿ Locking legs
                                                                              Ÿ Simple detent pin style adjustment
                                           For all KARAM winches
            Ref. SA 17(25)           Ref. PN 801, PN 801(132ft.), PN 817,     Ÿ Quick-mount mechanical device bracket
                                        PN 818, PN 818 SR, PN 818(C)          Ÿ Safety  chain  to  prevent  movement,  and
                                                                                safety shoes that incorporate a rubber sole
                                                                                for  flat  surfaces,  and  spiked  edges  for
                                           For all Retrieval SRL'S
                                                                                slippery surfaces.
            Ref. SA 17(26)              Ref. PCGS 30ft R, PCGS 60ft R
                                         PCGS 85ft R, PCGS 100ft R

            Foot Rest    NEW
           Ref.PN 800 (42)     Also available an additional option-Foot rest
                               Can be installed on the leg of the Megapod
                               (7ft & 10ft.) for easy accessibility to the cast
                               head for passing the wire through Pulleys

                                                                                         Megapod Bag Ref. BG 62

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