Page 88 - ANSI
P. 88

Hexapod                                           Conforming to
                                                            ANSI Z 359.1-2007

                                              KARAM INTRODUCES HEXAPOD…
                designed to create an overhead anchor for entries which are below ground level and larger in hole size

                Hexapod Ref. SA 43                                             Safety Locking Pin
                                                                              To limit the working
                                                                             area of mobile anchor

                                                               Stopper                            Anchor
                                                      For locating the anchorage              For  Retractable
                                                       point over the user’s  head           Block to arrest the
                                                      on desired location of user.             fall, if occurred

                                                                                   Roller Pulley
                                                                                  For  providing
                                                                               anchorage to the user.

                                        NEW                         Now easily move your Hexapod
                                                                      from one place to  another
                                                              with KARAM Hexapod having the Wheels
                                                                   with locking feature for stability
                                                             permanently installed on the Hexapod Shoes

                                                                     Hexapod Ref. SA 43(W)

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