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            Type B Anchor (As per EN 795:2012)



             Edge Anchor Ref. SA 20                             Edge Anchor Ref. SA 20(L)

             KARAM Introduces the UNIQUE DESIGN KARAM EDGE ANCHOR which allows multi-depth adjustment to suit
             varying roof cladding profiles. An optional large cladding insert allows fitting on to deeper roof profiles.
             Designed for single user only,this KARAM EDGE ANCHOR is robust, light in weight, collapsible & portable for
             easy transport, storage and usage. Having energy absorbing arm with fall indicator it provides additional safety
             to the user while working.

                                                                               Min. Breaking
                 Ref. No.     Material        Weight        Range of Cladding Profile  Strength  Conforms to
                 SA 20                     3 kgs ± 0.1 kgs.     upto 30mm
                            High Strength                                         15 kN    EN 795:2012 Type B
           NEW  SA 20(L)   Aluminum Alloy  3.15 kgs ± 0.1 kgs.  upto 50mm

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