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               Type B Anchor (As per EN 795:2012)

                                                  Concrete Anchor

                                                  Ref. SA 16
                                                  This Concrete Anchor is extremely easy to install using a single hand,
                                                  without help of any tools or fastners, through a pre-defined hole of
                                                  diameter 18-19mm, through a drilling depth of 110mm.
                                                  The flanges are pulled in when the Eye of the anchor is pulled, allowing
                                                  the anchor to pass through the hole. When the Eye is released, these
                                                  flanges fan out along the outer part of the concrete wall, and hold the
                                                  Anchor in its place.
                                                  Ÿ Material : Stainless Steel.
                                                  Ÿ Galvanized wire rope of dia  6.0mm.
                                                  Ÿ Minimum Breaking (System) Strength : 12kN.
    Anchorages                                    Ÿ Net Weight : 150gm ± 1  0gm.
                                                  Ÿ Conforms to EN 795 : 2012 Type B

                                          KARAM INTRODUCES specially designed
                                  ANCHOR POSTS to provide temporary anchorage for working on top of
                                                20ft & 40ft  shipping containers.

                 NEW                       Container Anchor Post

                                           Ref. SA 48
                                           Container Anchor post designed by KARAM is meant to provide a temporary
                                           anchor for working on top of 20 ft & 40 ft shipping containers
                                           In addition to be used as a stand alone anchor post, it can also be used to form
                                           a horizontal life line over the top of container depending upon the requirement
                                           of work to be done
                                           Comes with a side lock & tag line arrangement for easy & secure installation by
                                           one person only
                                           Can be easily removed without damaging the container
                                           Compatible with KARAM Horizontal Lifelines PN 3000, PN 3001 & PN 3002
                                           Has Four Holes on the anchor plate, which can itself be used for making
                                           connections as anchor points

                                           Technical Description:
                                           ŸMaterial: Alloy Steel
                                           ŸFinish: Hot dip galvanized / ED Coated
                                           ŸSystem Strength: 15kN
                                           ŸWeight: 15.83 kgs
                                           ŸConforms to: EN 795: 2012 Type B & TS 16415 : 2013 Type B

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