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               Type E Anchor (As per EN 795:2012)

               Type E anchor devices are created by connecting multiple sections of mass to create a large deadweight and, in
               many cases, are designed to be used on multiple roof surfaces without the need to affect the roof integrity.

               Ref. SA 33
               KARAM offers the Dead Weight Anchor which provides an anchorage point on the roofs in absence of guard rails
               or permanent anchorage devices without damaging the roof surface.Can be dismantled & transported by a
               single person, since the individual elements do not weigh more than 25 kg each.
               Consists  of  Top  Steel  Plates  which  are  hot  dip
               galvanized / ED Coated& provide the required weight.
               The  bottom  plates  are  rubber  coated  to  provide
               proper grip over the roof surface. All the plates are
               held together by steel cross bars.
               Central extended anchorage eye provides anchorage
               for upto 2 users & ensures that the connecting lanyard
    Anchorages  does not rub onto the ground

               Technical Description:
               Ÿ Material : Alloy Steel
               Ÿ Finish : Hot dip galvanized                                        Gravi-Fix
               Ÿ Total System Weight : 250kgs                                       Ref. SA 33
               Ÿ Max weight of individual Component (max 10 plates) : 25kgs
               Ÿ Minimum Breaking Strength of System : 13kN
               Ÿ Suitable for two users.
               Ÿ Conforms to EN 795 : 2012 Type E & TS16415:2013 Type E.

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