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            Telescopic Pole System

            KARAM Telescopic Pole is a perfect solution to create overhead anchors at unreachable Heights.

                                                     KARAM Telescopic Pole is light in weight, made up of fibre
                  Telescopic Pole                    glass, and can be effectively used to install an anchorage point
                                                     from a distance.
                  Ref. PN 815(04)                    KARAM  Telescopic  Pole  Ref.  PN  815  consists  of  Head
                  Material : Fiberglass.             Ref. PN 815(01), Hanging Hook Ref. PN 815(03) & Telescopic
                  Maximum Length : 7.95 m.           Pole Ref. PN 815(04)
                  Minimum Length : 1.95 m.
                                                     Features :
                  Weight : 3800 gms.
                                                     The Total weight of the Telescopic Pole assembly without the
                                                     hook is approx. 4.6kg, and hence can be easily carried.
                                                     Working reach with Extension : 10.5m (This includes 8.95m of
                                                     fully expanded length of the pole extension and 1.55m of user’s
                                                     Open Expanded Height of Telescopic Pole : 7.95m. Closed
                                                     Length of Telescopic Pole : 1.95m
                            Hanging Hook             Dielectric Resistance : 30kV                                     Anchorages
                                                     Comes with an option of using either the Steel Anchorage hook
                            Ref. PN 815(03)
                                                     PN 156, or the Aluminum Anchorage hook PN 154, to Anchor at
                            Material  :  Alloy  Steel,   the required distance.
                            Plastic Moulded.
                            Weight : 190 gms.
                                                                                    Rescue Pole
                                                                                    Ref. PN 821(N)
                        Extension Section            Head                           KARAM  offers  a  new
                                                                                    Rescue  Pole  made  from
                        Ref. PN 815(02)              Ref. PN 815(01)                fiber glass & is extremely
                                                                                    light  in  weight.  This
                        Length : 1 m.                Length : 240 mm.
                                                                                    Rescue pole is used as an
                        Weight : 425 gms.            Weight : 185 gms.              extension to rescue a fall
                                                                                    victim without descending
                                                                                    to the victim for rescue.
                                         Aluminum Anchorage Hook
                                         Ref. PN 154                                ŸExtremely light in weight
                                         Ÿ Material : Aluminum Alloy.               ŸPortable & easy to carry
                                         Ÿ Opening : 65 mm.                         ŸMaterial : Fiber Glass
                                         Ÿ Minimum  Breaking  Strength  :           ŸNet Weight: 900 gms
                                            23kN.                                   ŸMaximum  Expanded
                                                                                     length  of  Rescue  Pole:
                                         Ÿ Weight : 480 gms.
                                                                                     3m. Minimum length of
                                         Ÿ Finish : Natural Silver / Coloured        Rescue Pole: 0.75m
                                            Anodized                                ŸComes with an option of
                                         Ÿ Conforms : EN 362:2004 Class              Aluminium Rebar Hook-
                                            A & EN 795:2012 Type B.                  Ref. PN 136 to anchor at
                                                                                     the required distance.
                                         Steel Anchorage Hook
                                         Ref. PN 156
                                         Ÿ Material : Alloy Steel.
                                         Ÿ Opening : 95 mm.
                                                                                  Ref. PN 136
                                         Ÿ Minimum Breaking Strength : 23kN.    Aluminium Rebar
                                         Ÿ Weight : 880 gns.                        Hook
                                         Ÿ Finish  :  Silver/Golden  Yellow
                                            Galvinized; Shot blasted on request.
                                         Ÿ Conforms : EN 795:2012 Type B.

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