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Temporary Anchorage Line Systems

               Temporary Vertical Anchorage Line Systems

                                                                                What is Anti Panic?

                         Dia of                             Dia of                             fall arrest
                        Eye 25mm                           Eye 50mm            with             distance
                                                                            ANTI PANIC

                                                                            Rope  Grabs  are  designed  to  allow
                                                                            uninhibited  and  unhindered  movement
                                                                            while ascending or descending a rope life
                                                                            line.  This  is  possible  because  their
                                                                            mechanism  features  a  cam  which
                                                                            releases during normal use.
                                                Ref. RG 06                  When the fall occurs this cam closes to a
                                                                            grab position onto the rope lifeline, hence
                                                                            immediately arresting the fall.
                                                                            However,  a  user,  in  most  situations,
    Temporary Anchorage Lines                                               reaches  out  to  grasp  the  rope  grab,
                                                                            comes  under  a  state  of  panic  when
                                                                            experiencing  a  fall.  He  immediately
                                                                            thereby releasing the cam and preventing
                                                                            the device from grabbing onto the Rope.
                                                                            In such a case, the rope grab fails in its
                                                                            purpose and a fall is induced by the panic
                                                                            stricken user
                                                                            KARAM  offers  an  ANTI  PANIC  Locking
                 Ref. PN 2005                     Ref. PN 2005(AP)          feature  in  its  Rope  Grab  System  in  PN
                                                                            2005 (AP), PN 2007 (AP) & PN 2008(AP)
                                                                            which  helps  to  keep  the  Rope  Grab
                                                                            securely  anchored  to  the  life  line  even
                                                                            when the user grips the device.

               Guided Type Fall Arrester System on Flexible Anchorage Line

               Ref. PN 2005, PN 2005(AP)
               Ÿ Works on 12mm dia Kernmantle rope anchorage line, without any manual intervention.
               Ÿ Consists of Stainless Steel, highly corrosion resistant openable rope grab, which can be easily detached from
                  the anchorage line.
               Ÿ PN 2005(AP) is provided with a stainless steel openable rope grab with unique anti-panic feature.
               Ÿ The anchorage line has one side loop for connector PN 112(C) and other side a stop knot. The termination is
                  cross-stitched, and is protected with a strong transparent covering sleeve which not only protects the end but
                  also makes the stitches visible for easy inspection prior to use.
               Ÿ Abrasion resistant thimble at termination to protect the loops from being damaged by metallic contact.
               Ÿ The Anchorage line is available in lengths of 5m to 100m
               Ÿ Conforms to EN 353-2:2002

                                            System Components : PN 2005, PN 2005(AP)

                For PN 2005 - Openable Stainless Steel Rope Grab: Ref. RG 06(25)
                For PN 2005(AP)- Openable anti panic Stainless Steel Rope Grab: Ref. RG 06(50)

                Steel Screw Locking Karabiner: Ref. PN 112(C)
                Anchorage Line : Kernmantle Rope of dia 12mm
                Has coloured tracer yarn which loses its colour in due course of time, to show that the rope is now unfit for further use.

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