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Temporary Anchorage Line Systems

            Temporary Vertical Anchorage Line Systems

                                                                                What is Anti Panic?

                                                                                          with ANTI PANIC
                                Dia of Eye 25mm                                               Feature
                                                                                           Refer to Page no. 111
                                                                                            for more details.

                                                        Dia of Eye 50mm
                                                                                                                      Temporary Anchorage Lines
                                           Ref. RG 08

              Ref. PN 2008                              Ref. PN 2008(AP)

            Guided Type Fall Arrester System on Flexible Anchorage Line
            Ref. PN 2008, PN 2008(AP)

            Ÿ Works on 12mm dia kernmantle rope anchorage line, without any manual intervention.
            Ÿ Consists of openable rope grab made of galvanized steel.
            Ÿ PN 2008(AP) is provided with a galvanized steel openable rope grab with unique anti-panic feature.
            Ÿ The anchorage line has one side loop for connector PN 112(C) and other side a stop knot. The termination is
               cross stitched  and is protected with a strong transparent covering sleeve which not only protects the end but
               also makes the stitches visible for easy inspection prior to use.
            Ÿ Abrasion resistant thimble to protect the loops from being damaged by metallic contact.
            Ÿ The anchorage line is available in lengths of 5mtrs to 100 mtrs.
            Ÿ Conforms to EN 353-2:2002

                                         System Components : PN 2008, PN 2008(AP)

             For PN 2008 - Openable Galvanized Steel Rope Grab: Ref. RG 08(25)
             For PN 2008(AP)- Openable Galvanized anti Steel antipanic Rope Grab: Ref. RG 08(50)

             Steel Screw Locking Karabiner: Ref. PN 112(C)
             Anchorage Line : Kernmantle Rope of dia 12mm
             Has coloured tracer yarn which loses its colour in due course of time, to show that the rope is now unfit for further use.

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