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Temporary Anchorage Line Systems

             Temporary Rope Anchorage Lines Accessories

             Protective Sleeve                                     Openable Protective Sleeve
             Ref. PR 01                                            Ref. PR 02

             Ÿ Designed to protect flexible Anchorage Lines against   Ÿ Designed  to  protect  flexible  Anchorage
               abrasion on sharp edges.                              Lines against abrasion due to friction.
             Ÿ Made of Polyester tubular webbing of width 44mm.    Ÿ Is made of Flexible PVC and is detachable.
             Ÿ Is moveable along the length of Anchorage line.     Ÿ The width of PR 02 is :
             Ÿ Non-detacheable.                                    Ÿ Open : 130mm.
             Ÿ Standard length 30cm. However, can be customized    Ÿ Folded : 50mm.
               as per requirement.
                                                                   Ÿ Can  be  opened/closed  with  the  help  of
                                                                     Velcro tape stitched along length.
                                                                   Ÿ Standard length : 55cm.

                                                                                                                      Temporary Anchorage Lines

                                                                   Edge Protector
                                                                   Ref. ARC 02

                                                                   Ÿ KARAM Edge Protector made of Stainless
                                                                     Steel, protect the rope from abrasion against
                                                                     an edge.
                                                                   Ÿ The edge Ring-Guides on the angle of the
                                                                     edge-protecter  keep  different  rope  anchor
                                                                     lines from getting entangled over the edge.

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