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Temporary Anchorage Line Systems

               HORIZON Rope Anchorage Line - 4 Man

               Horizon 4 Man Temporary Horizontal Rope Anchorage Line (Cross Over)
               Ref. Horizon PN 3001(C)
               KARAM introduces a new Horizon 4 Man Temporary Horizontal Lifeline made up of Kernmantle Rope of 16mm dia
               and a uniquely designed Tensioner integrated within the lifeline.
               This Lifeline is provided with 4 ‘Cross Over Anchors’ made up of Stainless Steel.

                                                      BGFB 161
                               Cross Over Anchors                                                       PN 113
               PN 113                SA 29

                   Swivel Brass                                                                Tension Indicator

               Features :
               Ÿ Quick & easy to install,  and is re-usable
    Temporary Anchorage Lines  Ÿ Highly corrosion resistant Tensioner made of Aluminium & Stainless Steel
               Ÿ Suitable for upto 4 personnel

               Ÿ Consists of tension indicator for creating an adequate tension in the Line
               Ÿ The Lifeline made up of 16mm dia Kernmantle Rope, has a swivel brass connector at one end, which can be
                  connected to a rated anchor point with the help of a Steel Quarter Turn Locking Karabiner PN 113. The other
                  end of the lifeline is connected with the help of a Karabiner PN 113, connected to the eye of the tensioner. The
                  anchorage line is secured at the termination with the help of a stop-knot covered with a protective sleeve.
               Ÿ Has Swivel Brass Connector - Specially designed to prevent any twisting of the rope.
               Ÿ The system has 4 Cross Over Steel Anchors (SA 29) made of Stainless Steel to allow easy crossing over between users, and prevent
                  any disengagement from the lifeline , ensuring 100% tie off at all times
               Ÿ Total Length of the Line is 25m. Covers a span of 5m to 25m
               Ÿ Minimum Breaking Strength : 25kN
               Ÿ The whole system is supplied in a bag , which is permanently attached to the assembly and also enables the
                  user to easily carry the system with the help of comfortable handles provided in the bag. This Bag is designed
                  in such a way that it keeps the unused rope safely, thereby preventing the rope being subjected to abrasion or
                  any damage caused from dust, dirt grime, oil etc.
               Ÿ Once fitted, you can easily put back the extra rope not deployed along the length, into the Bag.
               Ÿ Conforms to EN 795:2012 Type C & TS 16415 : 2013 Type C

                       Tensioner          This Temporary Horizontal Life Line   Cross Over Anchors (SA 29)
                                          comes  with  a  Unique  Tension   allow  easy  crossing  over
                                          Indicator. Once the required tension   between users, and prevent
                                          is achieved, the disc on the tension   any disengagement from the
                              Made of     indicator  gets  released  indicating   lifeline,   ensuring 100% tie
                              Aluminum    the line is ready to use.  off at all times.
                            &Stainless Steel
                                                                        * Karabiners shown in the image are additional
                                                                                and to be ordered separately.

                                     Material of  Attachment  Anchorage   Max. No. of  Max. Span
                 System   Rope Type                                                               Weight
                                     Tensioner      Ends        Type        Users      Length
                                                One end-Swivel
                          Kernmantle                          Cross over
                                    Aluminium &
                PN 3001(C) Rope of dia  Stainless Steel  brass connector  anchor  4 users  5m to 25m 10.11kgs ± 0.10kgs
                                                Other end-Strop
                           16mm                               Qty-4 nos.

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