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Temporary Anchorage Line Systems

             Features of the System :

                Ÿ Easy to install & transportable.               Ÿ Safe & allows hands-free movement along
                Ÿ Housing made up of durable & high strength        platforms and walkways
                    polymer.                                     Ÿ Can  be  used  as  a  horizontal  lifeline  which
                Ÿ Consists of 2 Independent lifelines.              locks instantly with minium fall distance.
                Ÿ Automatic locking retractable lifeline         Ÿ Meant for single user only.
                Ÿ Minimum & Maximum horizontal span : 3mtr       Ÿ PN 4002 (R) has  Integral Winch which ensures
                    & 10mtr respectively.                           quick and easy rescue

                                             Using The Handy Line Duo :

               For Safe, Hands Free Movement   Safe Climbing For Access         Minimum Fall Distance –
               Along Platforms And Walkways    and Egress                       Prevents Swinging
               When  the  user  is  moving     Both climbing and descending     If the user falls, both lines
               horizontally, one line pays out   can  be  done  without  any    pay out quickly. The lifeline
               whilst  the  other  retracts.  This   hindrance  as  lifeline  retracts   move in opposite directions
               way the swing fall is controlled.  when  moving  upward  and     and the system locks.
                                               locking will only commence at
                                                                                                                      Temporary Anchorage Lines
                                               a desired acceleration.

                            KARAM Handy Line-Duo comes with the following sub components

                Aluminium Single Pulley  Eye Bracket, Qty : 1No.     O-Ring        Steel Screw Locking Karabiner
                  AP 012, Qty : 1No.      PN 4002R (09)         OR 003, Qty : 1No.      PN 112, Qty : 1No.

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