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Temporary Anchorage Line Systems

               Anchor Posts
               Anchor Posts
               Edge-Fix by KARAM
               KARAM introduces a portable and extremely easy to install Anchor Post for installation of Horizontal Line on steel
               construction I-Beam section. Span lengths are adjustable with the help of intermediates. The Post comes with a
               unique tilting design to allow unobstructed movement of the user used while constructions of roots and metal
               structure buildings.

                   Ref. SA 28

    Temporary Anchorage Lines  150 mm to 220 mm
                    Compatible with
                     Beam size of

                   Ref. No.       Material              Weight (Kgs)   Minimum Breaking       Conformity
                                                                                          EN 795:2012 Type A,
                   SA 28    High Strength Galvanized Steel  8.5 kgs        15 kN         TS 16415:2013 Type A
                                                                                             for 4 users

               Post designed to fix the horizontal lifeline         Ref. SA 34
               on angle beam

               Ÿ To  be  used  as  an  extremity  anchor  or
                 intermediate when a Horizontal lifeline is to
                 be installed on an angle structure
               Ÿ Compatible with angle size of 75mmx75mm
                 to 150mmx150mm

                 Ref. No.   Material    Weight (Kgs)   Minimum Breaking  Finish             Conformity

                 SA 34  Galvanized Steel 2.98 kgs ± 0.05 kgs  15 kN  Hot dip galvanized  EN 795:2012 Type A

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