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Retractable Fall Arrester Blocks

            Mikron keeps you Safe on Sharp Edges

            Mikron meets the Sharp Edge Test & Passes the Dynamic Test of Fall Factor 2
            Mikron by KARAM is constructed in such a way that if subjected to contact with sharp edge in the event of a fall
            from the roof/terrace, the Retracted Lanyard remains intact, while arresting the fall immediately. Inbuilt with
            innovative  combination  of  lifeline  material,  energy  absorption  &  harness  connection,  the  Mikron  Block  by
            KARAM reduces forces on both worker & the edge, thereby arresting the fall immediately.
            Mikron Features:
             Ÿ Trip Hazard-
                Lanyards, whether designed for foot level tie off or not, develop slack, hence create snag & trip hazards.
                MIKRON retracts unused Lifeline, virtually eliminating the potential.
             Ÿ Force-
                Products not specifically designed for foot level tie –off will generate forces far exceeding accepted
                safety parameters in the event of a fall.
                MIKRON has Inbuilt energy absorber to reduce the forces of fall to less than 4kN.
             Ÿ Fall Clearance-
                Traditional foot level tie-off products require at least 5.6m of fall clearance.
                Mikron requires a fall clearance distance of 4m.
             Ÿ Sharp Edges-
                Mikron meets the sharp Edge Test & passes the Dynamic Test of Fall Factor 2, hence can be used safely
                over the sharp edges.

            Mikron Guide


            Mikron can be used with a variety of different Hooks & Connectors at both its ends, offering high level of flexibility
            of use to the wearer.

                        Karabiners                                                        Twin SRL
                                        Karabiners      ANCHOR           Mono SRL
                                                          END                                                         Retractable Blocks

               Steel                                                                              Aluminium
             Karabiners                                                                           Karabiners
                        Steel Snap                                                    Aluminium
                         Hooks                                                       Snap Hooks
                                       Swivel Steel                      Aluminium
                                       Snap Hooks                       Scaffold Hooks

                                                  HOOK/LIFELINE END

                                                      Steel Scaffold Hooks

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