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Retractable Fall Arrester Blocks

            KARAM Retractable Blocks in Polymer Casing

            A : With  Galvanized Steel Wire Rope

            Ÿ KARAM offers an exhaustive range of Retractable Blocks with Galvanized Steel Wire Rope Lanyard.
            Ÿ Casing is made of High Impact Strength Polymer to prevent breakage and is nearly indestructible.
            Ÿ These blocks have a swivel anchorage eye and hook PN 162 with impact indicator at the attachment end.
            Ÿ Minimum breaking strength of these blocks is 12kN.
            Ÿ They conform to EN360:2002.
            Ÿ These blocks are also available with Stainless Steel Wire Rope Lanyard instead of Galvanized Wire Rope.

            B : With 25mm Wide Webbing Lanyard

            These Blocks are lighter in weight and are ideal choice in conditions where it is required that the lanyard offers
            less abrasion to objects around it. Such conditions are encountered for use in fall protection on external
            fascades, window access, etc. The Retractable Block allows movement to the user at normal speeds, within a
            recommended working area. In case of a fall, the self Braking system within the Block activates and locks the fall,
            also reducing the impact of fall to less than 6kN.

                Sharp Edge tested KARAM Retractable Blocks

                The ideal position of a Retractable Block when used as a part of Personal Fall
                Arrest System, is directly overhead, or to an anchor point that is placed above
                the level of the Dorsal D-Ring of the user's harness. However, while working on
                rooftops, beams, etc, the blocks may be required to be anchored horizontally.
                Not all blocks can be anchored at this level.
                KARAM Sharp Edge tested Blocks can be used in horizontal condition, and in
                such conditions where the worker is exposed to a sharp edge hazard. The
                integrated energy absorber pack helps to reduce the impact of forces of the                           Retractable Blocks
                cable, as it comes in contact with the sharp edge. Each Block in this range is
                constructed in such a way that if subjected to contact with a sharp edge in the
                event of a fall from a roof/terrace etc, the retracted lanyard remains intact, while
                arresting the fall immediately. These blocks are equipped with an external
                energy  absorber  (with  protective  cover)  which  reduces  the  dynamic  load
                impact felt on the user in the event of a fall, to less than 6kN even when the
                lifeline is fully drawn.
                Conforms for the vertical usage as per EN 360:2002 and Horizontal usage as
                per VG11 RFU # 11.060.
                This KARAM range of Sharpon Sharp Edge tested Retractable Fall Arrester
                Blocks comes in both GI Wire Rope & in Webbing.

            Atex certified Blocks

            KARAM also offers Retractable Blocks of Steel Wire
            Rope which are Atex certified for use in potentially
            explosive  atmosphere as per Directive 94/9/EC.

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