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Retractable Fall Arrester Blocks

              KORE - Blocks with Synthetic Textile Rope Retractable Lanyard

              KARAM Introduces Kore a range of Retractable Fall Arrester Block with highly durable abrasion resistant rope which helps
              to resist abrasion & heat.
              These Blocks have been specially designed for workers working in offshore areas & in the areas having an acidic
              Ÿ Casing made up of high impact strength polymer, to prevent breakage and is nearly indestructible
              Ÿ Comes with abrasion resistant textile rope of dia 6.0mm
              Ÿ Has PN 162 Swivel Snap Hook with impact indicator
              Ÿ Anchorage eye with swivel action. Prevents undue twist of rope while working or in the event of a fall
              Ÿ Minimum Breaking Strength > 15kN
              Ÿ PCSR 20 conforms to EN 360:2002 & PCSR 20R conforms to EN 360:2002 & EN 1496:2017 Class B
              Unique Features -                       BLOCK MODE                        WINCH MODE
              Ÿ Light in weight & portable
              Ÿ High abrasion resistance
              Ÿ Can be used in the areas               Push                               Pull
                 having high temperature
                                                        Pull the Pin & Push the Handle        Pull The Pin & Handle
                                                         to Reverse in Block Mode             to Shift to Winch Mode
                                                             To enable easy retrieval of a victim of fall. These Blocks allow
                                                             the fall to arrest and also allow easy hoist of the victim with the
                                                             help of their inbuilt Winch mechanism.

                         Ref. PCSR 20                                Ref. PCSR 20R
                                280mm                                       280mm

    Retractable Blocks

                                                    140 kg                                          140 kg
                                                  Tested at 140 kgs                               Tested at 140 kgs

                                            109mm                                           109mm

                                                              Lanyard Length
                Lanyard Length
                                                     356mm                                               356mm

                                                                         PCSR 20R   9.37kg

                           PCSR 20    7.25kg

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