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Retractable Fall Arrester Blocks

              Twin Retractable Block

               This block provides increased safety and mobility, and ensures a 100% tie off specially when moving from one
               position to another. The twin block by KARAM is made up of high strength sturdy Alluminium Alloy, and the
               retractable lanyard is made of 25mm wide webbing.
              Ÿ Has a compact Light Weight Design.
              Ÿ Minimum Breaking Strength > 15kN.
              Ÿ Conforms to EN360:2002.
              Ÿ The length of the retractable life line extends upto 2m and the two work independently, automatically retracting.
              Ÿ Replaces a simple regular lanyard with the convenience of a retractable life line.

                                                Ref. ALWB 2x2



    Retractable Blocks                    149mm

                                                                        ALWB 2x2    2.63kg

              Mini Block (Swivel)

                                                                   Ref. PN 2002(SW)
              Ÿ Having a Swivel arrangement at anchorage end
                 with Fall Indicator
              Ÿ Has a Retractable Webbing of width 47mm
              Ÿ Maximum length: 2.5m
              Ÿ Has a protective casing
              Ÿ Incorporated  with  an  Energy  Absorber  for
                 shock absorption
              Ÿ Supplied  with  Steel  Karabiner  PN  112  at  the
                 Anchorage as well as at the attachment ends
              Ÿ Minimum Breaking Strength> 15kN
              Ÿ Conforms to EN 360:2002
                                                                                    PN 2002(SW)   1.40kg

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