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Confined Space Entry


               KARAM Tripod is one such product that can be used for easy access by a worker into confined spaces such as
               Man-holes, Tanks, etc. It provides a means of controlled ascent and descent, as well as protection from falls,
               should the depth of the space require it.

                                                                Mounting Brackets for Tripod PN 800(7ft), PN800(10ft)

                                                             Mounting Bracket  Picture  Bracket used for Mounting

                                                                                        For 30m Retrieval Block
                    Ø1.5m                                  Ref. PN 800 A (R)(09)
                                                                                            Ref. PCGS 30R

                                                                                        For 20m Retrieval Block
                                                           Ref. PN 800 A (R)(10)
                                                                                            Ref. PCGS 20R

                                                                                        For 10m Retrieval Block
                                                           Ref. PN 800 A (R)(11)
                                                                                            Ref. PCGS 10R

                                                               universal mounting fixture
                                                                for all KARAM Winches

                                                            Heights available in 7ft Ref. PN 800 (7ft)
                                                                 & 10ft Ref. PN 800 (10ft)
                            Tripod Ref. PN 800(7ft)

               KARAM Tripod

               Ÿ For access in confined spaces.                  Ÿ Every  Tripod  is  provided  with  inbuilt  fixture  for
    Confined Space Entry  in the prolongation of the main leg for passing a    PN 818 SR, PN 801(40) (can be supplied without
                                                                    attaching our winch PN 801, PN 817, PN 818,
               Ÿ With two mounted pulleys at the head of the Tripod
                                                                    this fixture on special request).
               Ÿ Having two auxiliary eye bolts as attachment points.
                                                                    Arrester Blocks PCGS 10R, PCGS 20R & PCGS
               Ÿ Aluminium alloy cast head, legs in Aluminium.   Ÿ PN 800 (7ft) can also be used with Retrieval Fall
                                                                    30R with the help of their respective mounting
               Ÿ Steel support-shoes provided with rubber sole to   bracket.
                  increase friction and impart more stability.
                                                                 Ÿ Every  Tripod  is  provided  with  Tripod  Bag  Ref.
               Ÿ Strength of anchorage point greater than 15 kN.
                                                                    PN 904(7ft)(BL)

                                                                      KARAM Introduces
                                                     Tripod with double integral head mounted pulleys which
                                                     is permanently incorporated in the cast aluminum head
                                       NEW           of the Tripod and provides independent passing over of

                                                            cable from a winch and a retrieval block.

                                                           Ref. PN 800(DP) 7ft, PN 800(DP) 10ft

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