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Confined Space Entry

                                                               KARAM Hexapod
                                                               Ref. SA 43

                                                               Ÿ This Hexapod has been specifically designed
                             of 2300 mm span length
                                                                  for entry, rescue & lifting into confined spaces
                                                                  having larger openings and below the ground
                                                               Ÿ  KARAM  Hexapod  is  made  from  lightweight
                                                                  Aluminium  and  can  be  easily  installed  by  a
                                                                  single user.
                                                               Ÿ Mobile Roller Pulley used as an anchor to provide
                                                                  user mobility over a span of maximum 2300 mm
                                                               Ÿ Stopper to locate the anchorage point over the
                                                                  user's head on desired location of user
                                                               Ÿ Comes with two aluminium anchorage pulleys
                                                                  (AP012SS) at the head of both the Tripods for
                                                                  guiding the cable of rescue winch.
                                                               Ÿ Can be used by two users simultaneously
                                                               Ÿ Has two auxiliary eye bolts in both the Tripods
                                                                  each as an attachment points.
                                                               Ÿ Steel Support Shoes provided with rubber sole
                                                                  to increase friction & impart more stability
                                                               Ÿ   Hexapod  is  provided  with  inbuilt  fixture  for
                                                                  attaching our winch PN 801, PN 817A, PN 818,
                                                                  PN  818SR,  PN  818(C),  PN  801(40)(can  be
                                                                  supplied without this fixture on special request.
                                                               Ÿ Hexapod can also be used with Retrieval Fall
                                                                  Arrester Blocks PCGS 10R, PCGS 20R & PCGS
                                                                  30R  with  the  help  of  their  mounting  brackets
                                                                                                                      Confined Space Entry

             Ÿ Fully  Adjustable  Telescopic  Legs,  Adjustable   Ÿ Locking Pins Material: Stainless Steel
                Height From  1.15m to 2.15m                    Ÿ Maximum Load Capacity: 500 Kg
             Ÿ Can be used on a very large area of max. span   Ÿ SA 43 Weight: 49.32 Kgs
                of  2300mm.
                                                               Ÿ SA 43(W) Weight : 49.62 kgs
             Ÿ Tripod  Cast  Head  &  Leg  Material:  Aluminium
                                                               Ÿ Conforms to EN 795: 2012 Type B & TS 16415:
                                                                  2013 Type B
             Ÿ Rail Supported Welded Sub Assembly Material:
                High Strength Alloy Steel

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