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Confined Space Entry


                                              KARAM INTRODUCES QUADPOD…

               A new lightweight, versatile & durable system gives the rescuer the edge needed to safely perform the
               rescue in the minimum time.


               Quadpod Ref. SA 36

    Confined Space Entry

               KARAM Quadpod
               Ref. SA 36

               Ÿ Lightweight and 4 legs, the Quadpod is    Ÿ Load Capacity:  500 kg
                  an excellent tool for cliff top or mountain   Ÿ Legs Material: prime quality Aluminium Alloy
                  rescue and confined space rescue with
                                                           Ÿ Welded Head Material: Alloy Steel
                  its  Multi-positioning,  easily  adjustable
                  telescopic  legs  that  extend  from     Ÿ Locking  Pins  Material:  Prime  Quality  Stainless  Steel
                  1.21 mtrs. to 1.75 mtrs.                    locking pin
               Ÿ Better Load Distribution                  Ÿ Weight: 15.56 kg
               Ÿ Can be used with 4, 3,or 2 legs with the help   Ÿ Conforms to: EN 795: 2012 Type B & TS 16415:2013
                  of proper rigging                           Type B
               Ÿ Locking pins attached by cables
               Ÿ Welded Ring as well as central eye bolt to
                  be used as anchorage point

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