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Harnesses & Belts
            Full Body Harnesses

                 e           ltA       Series

             KARAM  Revolta  series  of  Harnesses  and  Lanyards  are
             constructed from a unique polyester webbing, incorporating
             special Repel Technology- a specialized coating which repels
             oil, dirt and water.

             Webbing used in making of Revolta series of Harnesses is
             treated with special coating, which repels dry soil and other
             spills and splashes. It also allows liquids to bead up and roll
             off the surface due to changes in surface tension. Coating
             does  not  impact  weight,  feel  ,colour  and  texture  of  the
             webbing.  Liquid spills can easily be wiped away when blotted
             with a clean cloth, and dry soil can be brushed off easily.

             The Unique Features

                     of Revolta Range are:

                            Webbing is Oil and Dirt repellant-
                            hence  provides  excellent
                            resistance from build up of oil and

                            Forged  Aluminium  D-rings  and
                            Stainless Steel connections provide
                            excellent corrosion  resistance and
                            make the Harness light in weight for
                            better usability.

                            Highly  Tear  and  Cut  Resistant
                            because  does  not  allow  abrasion
                            due to collection of dust or dirt.

                            Highly UV Resistant Webbing.

                            Easy maintenance- wipes clean in

             Ideal  choice  for  a  variety  of  applications  like-
             Petrochemical  Industry,  Paint,  Water  Treatment,
             Food Processing, Off-Shore and General Industry.

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