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Rope Access & Rescue

              Automatic Descend Device

              KARAM introduces a new Automatic Descend Device in compact polymer casing with different lengths ranging
              from 10 mtrs to 30 mtrs wire rope line. This device can be easily anchored with the help of anchor devices or
              anchorage slings to a supporting structure. In the event of an evacuation the user can easily attach himself to the
              swivel hook provided at the end of the retractable line of the device. He can then evacuate with the help of this
              device which provides controlled descent with the speed of less than 2mtrs/sec. Thus the user can evacuate
              immediately without the aid of any assisted evacuation operation.
              Available in length of 10m, 20m & 30m.
              Conforms to EN 341:2011 Class C

                 NEW      Ref. PCGS10AD


              DESCEND DEVICE

                                                                                       Polymer Casing
    Rope Access & Rescue

                                                                                      Side Handle with Special Grip
                                                                                      Consists  of  side  handle  with
                                                                                      special grip for easy carrying
                                                                                      & Safe transportation



                               Length of Lanyard : 10m


                          Swivel Eye Hook PN 162
                          with fall indicator at termination end
                                                                           PCGS 10AD     7.13 kg

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