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Rope Access & Rescue



                                                   Aluminium Double Pulley Double Side Attachment
                                                   Ref. AP 017(SS)(BB)

                                                   Ÿ Double Aluminium anchorage pulley cover, light weight, movable
                                                     side/middle plates which allow quick installation & coupling with
                                                     the rope.
                                                   Ÿ Double Anchorage pulley allows to achieve mechanical advantage
                                                   Ÿ Eye of Pulley is capable to connect the Karabiners having diameter
                                                     of 16mm


                                                   Minimum Breaking
                   Ref. No.      Material   Weight     Strength       Finish         Used on      Compliance
                             ŸSide Cover:
                              Aluminium Alloy                     Covers-Anodized  can be used on a
                AP 017(SS)(BB)             262 gms     25 kN                                    EN 12278:2007
                             ŸSheaves:                           Sheaves-Polished  Rope of dia 12mm
                              Stainless Steel


                                                                         Ratchet Pulley
                                                                         Ref. AP 018

                                                                         Ÿ Ratchet Pulley is the latest innovation by
                                                                           KARAM  in  Rescue,  Confined  Space
                                                                           working and Work Suspension Systems.
                                                                         Ÿ Ratchet pulley has an over-speed built in
                                                                           brake so that the Pulley gets locked &
                                                                           hold the victim in the case of fall.
                                                                         Ÿ Ratchet  pulley  is  provided  in
                                                                           configuration  of  two  different  hauling
                                                                           ratios 3:1 & 5:1
    Rope Access & Rescue                                                 Ÿ Conforms to: EN 360:2002
                                                                         Ÿ Casing:  Robust  &  Durable  Polymer

                                                                         Ÿ Anchorage Eye for swivel action
                                                                         Ÿ Compatible with Kernmantle Rope dia
               Optional Accessories                                        10.5mm

               Aluminium Single Pulley                                    KARAM  Advantage:  Works  till  several
                Single Side Attachment                                    locking. Works as a Block, can be re-used
                   (Ref. AP012)                                           hence no servicing is required after each fall.

                   (Ref. PN 112)

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