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Rope Access & Rescue


              KARAM also provides equipment which when used, aid in easy rescue and rope access operations.

               Edge Protective
               Ref. ARC 02                                     Evacuation Triangle
               Ÿ KARAM Edge Protector made of Stainless Steel,   Ref. PN 852
                 protect the rope from abrasion against an edge.
                                                               Ÿ To be used for rescue of injured personnel.
               Ÿ The edge Ring-Guides on the angle of the edge-  Ÿ Contains 3 metallic D-Rings at attachment elements.
                 protecter keep different rope anchor lines from
                 getting entangled over the edge.
               Ÿ Design: Angle Shaped Edge Protector.
               Ÿ Material: Stainless Steel.
               Ÿ Finish: Polished
               Ÿ Weight: 570gm

                                                                 Spreader Bar
                                                                 Ref. IMP 005(01)

                                                                 Is available as an optional Accessory
                                                                 to the Pilot Chair, Provided on request.

    Rope Access & Rescue

                Spreader Bar                                       Pilot Chair
                Ref. IMP 003                                       Ref. IMP 005
                This Spreader Bar is used in conjunction with      Ÿ Ergonomic and comfortable working chair
                the KARAM harness for raising and lowering         Ÿ For vertical ascent and descent
                a  person  during  rescue.  The  attached
                                                                   Ÿ Spreader Bar available as optional accessory
                webbing  loops  can  be  used  to  secure
                victim's arms when lifting or lowering.            Ÿ Conforms to EN 1498

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