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Rope Access & Rescue

            KOMFY KRUZE System - A Versatile Ascent-Descent Rescue Roll System by KARAM

            KARAM Komfy Kruze Ascending & Descending Rescue system allows the user to raise and lower himself with
            ease while working at a height in suspended position. The device is also used to rescue an individual by either
            raising or lowering the victim to the ground or next level.
            KARAM Advantage
            Unidirectional  movement  of  the  rope  roller  provides  sufficient  friction  to  the  rope  for  controlled  descent.
            The anti-reverting pulley counter-balances the body weight of the user, thus requiring minimum effort to operate.
            Unique Features
            Ÿ A single person can easily operate the device to raise or lower himself with considerable ease.
            Ÿ Unidirectional movement of the rope-roller allows the rope to hold itself in place, hence prevents any reel-back.
            Ÿ While use in suspended work positioning, the entire control of the device is in the hands of the user, hence
              ensures his complete safety.
            Ÿ It is a versatile system made up of Aluminium and steel components, which are light in weight and highly
              corrosion resistant.
            Ÿ The system is provided in a fully assembled factory fitted 3:1 or 5:1 hauling ratio.
            Ÿ It comes with an Ascending Handle along with a Safety sling & specially designed control device PN 410. This
              arrangement stops the descent in case it is accidentally released.
            Ÿ The rope used is a KARAM Kernmantle rope of Diameter 10.5mm. This rope is tested for strength, is abrasion
              resistant, and comes fitted in the system in lengths as per requirement.
            Ÿ Suitable for use for maximum personal load of 150 kgs.
            Ÿ Conforms to EN 341 Class A and EN 1496:2017 Class A.

                                                                       Ref. PN 660(3:1)   Ref. PN 660(5:1)
                                                                          Mechanical        Mechanical
                                                                        Advantage : 1/3    Advantage : 1/5

               Features of
               Rescue Roll
               Ref. PN 404

               Ÿ It  operates  in  accordance  with  the  principle  of  winding-
                 contact friction, which results from the rope being wound
                 around  it.  It  can  be  turned  freely  in  the  anti-clockwise
                 direction,  while  it  locks  in  the  clock-wise  direction.  This
                 allows  unidirectional  movement  of  the  rope,  allowing
                 effortless ascent and controlled descent.
               Ÿ The  device  has  a  swivel-enabled  ring  at  its  anchorage                                        Rope Access & Rescue
                 termination. This unique feature allows it to easily rotate
                 about  its  axis,  incase  the  rope  twists,  hence  prevents
                 unwanted spinning of the user.
               Ÿ It is made up of Aluminium alloy and stainless steel, and is
                 highly  corrosion  resistant.  The  smooth  finish  ensures
                 minimum abrasion of the rope that runs over it.
               Ÿ The rope retention guide prevents the rope from twisting or
                 overlapping, and also ensures that the rope is in constant
                 contact with the rope roller, that controls the friction over the
               Ÿ Its special design also prevents the rope from slipping off
                 the sides.
               Ÿ The anti reversing pulley counter-balances the body weight
                 of the user, thus requiring minimum effort to operate.

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